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TIMELINE March 1916

Tuesday, 7th March 1916

The bulk of the Coo-ees undertook their final parade and inspection in Sydney as 15th Reinforcements for the 13th Battalion. To read further click here: Final Parade and Inspection

The State Commandant inspecting the "Coo-ees" in Sydney (Sydney Mail 15/3/1916)

The State Commandant inspecting the “Coo-ees” in Sydney (Sydney Mail 15/3/1916)

Wednesday, 8th March 1916

About 119 Coo-ees embarked from Sydney on the HMAT A15 Star of England, and made up just over half of the 15th Reinforcements for the 13th Battalion on this troopship.  These included: Harold BAXTER, Sidney BENNETT, James Gerald CAMERON, Allan COLQUHOUNBernard COYTEJames CRAWFORDHarold Brooks DAVIS, Alan John Burnett EASTERBROOK, William FARTHINGMaurice Bertram FREE, Walter James GOODLET, Denis Roy GREEN, Leslie Webster GREENLEAF, Charles Alfred HAMPSON, Lightfoot Lamonby HAMPSON, Oliver James HARMON, William John Luther HOWARD, Charles Henry HUNT, Jack Henry HUNT, William Laurence HUNT, William Emerton HUNTER, Thomas JACKSON, Alan Chesher JOHNSON (Alan Cheshyre JANION), Darcy KEATING, Alfred Rupert Clyde LINGSTROM, Samuel LUKE, Laurence Leslie MAGUIRE, James MAHER, Charles Edmond MARCHANT, Ernest Charles Norman MAY, Wilfred Ernest MCDONALD, Edward Joseph MCGARRY, Andrew James MCGREGOR, Joseph Raymond McGUIRE, James MCKEOWN, Jack MORRIS, Karl Alex Frederick NIELSON, Joseph PARRISH, John QUINN, Victor QUINTON, Arthur Charles REID, William Hilton SAUNDERS, John Thomas SMITH, Ernest Stephen TAYLOUR, John William THOMPSON, Thomas THORNE, David James WAGNER, William WEBBER, and Rowland John WILSON


Photograph of HMAT A15 Star of England. Part of the Australian War Memorial collection. H17104.

Saturday, 11th March 1916

Joe BILLING and three other Coo-ees embarked from Sydney on the HMAT A67 Orsova.

Tuesday 21st March 1916

Charles Arthur FINN and Percy Walter HOLPEN and Clement Patrick KANE and Henry MOSS and  John Herbert WATTS and another Coo-ee embarked from Sydney on the HMAT A26 Armadale.

Wednesday, 22nd March 1916

The Coo-ees on the HMAT A70 Ballarat arrived in Egypt.

Leslie SULLIVAN and four other Coo-ees (all Light Horse) embarked from Sydney on the HMAT A4 Pera.

Friday, 31st March 1916

William Henry GRIFFITHS and two other Coo-ees embarked from Sydney on the HMAT A16 Star of Victoria.


Clement Patrick KANE

Clement Patrick KANE

Per his military service record (regimental no. 2208), Clement Patrick Kane was born at Cunamulla, Queensland. He gave his age as 21 years and 1 month, his marital status as single, and his occupation as labourer. His description on his certificate of medical examination was height 5 feet 7 ½ inches tall, weight 160 lbs., with a medium complexion, blue eyes, and brown hair. His religious denomination was Roman Catholic. He claimed that he had no previous military service.

C. P. Cane was one of the thirteen men who ‘stepped forward and gave their names, either to march under Captain Nicholas, or to come after harvest’ after the recruiting meeting held to raise recruits for the Coo-ee March at Wongarbon on Thursday evening 14th October 1915.[1]

His Application to Enlist in the Australian Imperial Force paper was addressed to the Recruiting Officer at Wellington, and dated 16th October 1915, when the Coo-ees were in Wellington. He gave his postal address as Coolah, N.S.W. He completed his medical examination at Wellington on 16th October 1915, and was attested at Dripstone by Captain Nicholas on the 19th October 1915.

After completing the march he went to Liverpool Camp and trained for the 15th reinforcements for the 1st Light Horse Regiment.

On his embarkation roll his address at time of enrolment was P.O., Wellington, N.S.W. and his next of kin is listed as his sister, Mrs G. Guilford, at the same address.

On 21st March 1916 Trooper Kane departed Sydney on the HMAT A26 Armadale. After arriving in Egypt, he was taken on strength of the 1st Light Horse Training Regiment on 24th April 1916 at Tel-el-Kebir. On the 15th of May 1916 he was transferred to the Artillery details.

On 28th May 1916 Gunner Kane left Alexandria bound for England, on the HMT Corsican, arriving at Plymouth on 12th June 1916.

On 9th August 1916 Gunner Kane was appointed a Driver.

On 12th August he departed England, and on 13th August 1916 he was attached to the 4th Division Artillery details at Etaples, France.

On 17th August 1916 Driver Kane was transferred to the 5th Division Ammunition Column, and he was taken on strength of this unit in the field on 21st August 1916, when it was in the vicinity of Erquinghem, France.

On 30th December 1917 Driver Kane went on leave for two weeks to the United Kingdom. He rejoined his unit in France on 14th January 1918.

On 17th June 1918 he reverted to Gunner at his own request.

On 4th November 1918 He was transferred to the 14th Field Artillery Brigade.

On 16th November 1918 he was re-appointed Driver.

On 8th January 1919 Driver Kane went on leave to the United Kingdom until 22nd January 1919. He then rejoined his unit in France on 25th January 1919.

On 9th April 1919 he returned to England to await return to Australia

Driver Kane commenced his return to Australia on 22nd May 1919, departing from Liverpool aboard the H.T. Durham.

He was discharged at Sydney on 13th September 1919.

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