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The Coo-ees grow tired of talkers : an open letter to the Mayor of Blayney

Transcription of an article titled “The Coo-ees “ from The Bathurst Times, 26 October, 1915, p. 3.


Dear Mr. Mayor, — It is said that the brave Coo-ees from Gilgandra are growing tired of listening to addresses. In the hope that Blayney will use the good sense for which it is noted, these lines are respectfully penned to its chief citizen.

When we reach the town of Blayney
you can give us of your cheer,
You can spread a meal before us with
perhaps a glass of beer;
You can give us pipes and matches, and
a pair or two of socks,
But don’t allow the fellow near who
only talks and talks!

They talked at us in Dubbo, and they
talked in Wellington,
They chin-chined too, at Geurie, and
we thought it only fun;
At Stuart Town and Orange they dished
up the same old stuff
So now we’re getting sick of it, we
feel we’ve had enough!

We ‘ve got to visit Bathurst and a dozen
other towns,
And want to show a smiling face, and
not a face of frowns;
But when they fire speeches at a bloke
from morn till dark
He’s bound to cut up rusty; it would
make an angel nark!

Unless a change is brought about I’ll
give the game a break,
Because, you see, they’ll kill us with
the speeches that they make!
Why don’t they bottle up their gab,
just let ’em get to work
They ought to leave our chaps alone
and try it on a Turk!

When we left old Gilgandra we were fit
for anything,
Because we love our Empire, and be-
cause we love our King,
But since we’ve got along the road that
leads to Coogee Beach,
We’ve grown to hate the thoughts of
men who want to make a speech.

So Mister Mayor, if you please, don’t
take us in and talk,
Just mind that we are tired, for
we’ve had a weary walk,
Just give us each a hand grip; there
is not a bettor way
To let a fellow understand the words
you’d like to say.

Yours truly, DOUBLE O SIX.
Gilgandra Troop,
On the Wallaby,
Millthorpe, Monday.’

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