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Fox mascot presented to the Coo-ees at Evans Plains

With the Coo-ees at Evans Plains (Daily Telegraph 30/10/1915)

With the Coo-ees at Evans Plains (Daily Telegraph 30/10/1915)

I have often wondered how the Coo-ees ended up with a fox cub as a mascot on the Coo-ee March. This is described in the following article, along with the ‘patriotic songs’ sung by the school children at Evan’s Plains. School children often took part in welcoming and entertaining the Coo-ees at each town and village visited on the march. It is interesting to note that the Coo-ees were expecting to reinforce the Australian men fighting at Gallipoli when they signed up on the Coo-ee March, not the Western Front.

Transcript of an article titled ‘At Evans Plains” published in the Bathurst newspaper National Advocate on 30 October 1915, p. 3.


The residents of Evan’s Plains extended a hearty welcome to the Gilgandra Coo-ees.   The Cooe-ees arrived about noon on Thursday, escorted by two local horsemen, Messrs. Cecil Colley and Morris Windsor who rode out some distance along the road to meet them. An energetic ladies committee, under the charge of Mrs. J. Dwyer and Miss Ivy Maher, worked hard to make the short stay of the men as pleasant as possible. Mr. Hugh McKay also rendered valuable assistance. Refreshments were served under the poplars on the property of Mr. J. Wardman. Several patriotic songs were rendered by the school children, whilst the good wishes for a safe return were expressed by several of the residents. The Coo-ees were presented by Mr. Frank Windsor with a young fox as a token from the Plains, which they intend to take along with them to Gallipoli.’

Click here to view the article on Trove: http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article158152710