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Lithgow Ribbon

Lithgow Coo-ee Ribbon

The purple Coo-ee Badge was not the only ribbon given to the Coo-ees.

It was reported in The Farmer and Settler on 5th November 1915 that ‘Lithgow turned out in force to see the last of the “Coo-ees,” and each man was given a tri-color ribbon bearing the inscription, “Lithgow, 3/11/15. ‘Coo-ee!’ Good Luck!” as a souvenir of the occasion’.[1]

I was recently sent a photograph (below) of one of these ribbons that was presented to the Coo-ee March recruits at Lithgow.

Ribbon presented to the Coo-ees at Lithgow 3/11/1815

Ribbon presented to the Coo-ees at Lithgow

[1] ‘The Route March through Lithgow District’, The Farmer and Settler, 5 November 1915, p. 3,