Plymouth (Efford) Cemetery


On Sunday 24th August 2014 we visited the Plymouth (Efford) Cemetery in Plymouth, Devon, England.

According to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website, Plymouth (Efford) Cemetery contains 338 graves from the First World War, scattered in the general cemetery. Thomas Thorne (from Lawson), who died from illness, is the only Coo-ee buried in this cemetery.

As this is a large cemetery, it is difficult to locate his grave. However, we remembered where Thomas Thorne’s grave was located (on the northern side of the cemetery near the crematorium) from our previous visit to the cemetery two years ago.

Plymouth (Efford) Cemetery (Photograph: S & H Thompson 24/8/2014)

Plymouth (Efford) Cemetery (Photograph: S & H Thompson 24/8/2014)

A photograph of the headstone on Thomas Thorne’s grave will be added to his individual blog entry, and form part of a Roll of Honour for the fallen Coo-ees on this blog, after our return to Australia.



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