Hair-cuts at Blayney

When the Coo-ees were at Blayney, the Blayney Recruiting Association paid two local barbers to cut the hair of about 80 of the men at the showground, where the Coo-ees were camped.[1]

This event is described in an extract of an article titled ‘Western News’, from The Bathurst Times, 29th October, 1915, p. 3.

(By Our Travelling Representative.)
BLAYNEY, Thursday.

On Wednesday tho hairdressers of Blayney had a busy time in exercising the tonsorial art on tho Gilgandra “Coo-ees.” Curly locks and straight growths were trimmed and cut, and marching recruits emerged from the chairs feeling fresh and fit. One of the men, however, expressed his disapproval of a close crop. He gave the reason. “Some time ago,” he explained, “I got a knock on the head and since then I have always kept my hair pretty long so as to protect the scar, but now I’ve had a close crop and it shows out. Not only that my hat is now several sizes too large for my head. I stuffed a daily paper in so as to make it a closer fit, but that didn’t do any good. It’s still too big.” He was quite distressed about it. It appeared to worry him more than all tho thoughts of going off to fight for his country.’

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[1] ‘Gilgandra to the Coast’, The Farmer and Settler, 29 October 1915, p. 3.

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