Day 18, Wednesday, 27 October, 1915, Blayney to Bathampton

Transcription of extract from an article titled ‘Gilgandra to the Coast : the “Snowball” growing as it rolls’ from The Farmer and Settler, 29 October, 1915, p. 3, [part 3 of 3 parts]:
… [Continued]

‘Blayney to Bathampton.
Blayney was bidden farewell on Wednesday morning, and a hilly journey entered upon to Bathampton. Six miles on this stage were traversed to King’s Plains, which name appeared on the face of is a misnomer, as the little cluster of houses was set on the top of a hill in the midst of hills. The local school teacher, Mr. Gardiner, was in charge of operations here, and the children marched out to meet the Coo-ees, each with a flag, together with the total population, about fifty persons. Luncheon was served in the school grounds, and the boys were welcomed by Mr. Gardiner, speaking on behalf of the residents.

Six more hilly miles were covered over a spur of the Blue Mountains to the home of Mr. Gilmour, who kindly offered the hospitality of the Bathampton estate to the recruits.

Bathampton lies in a pretty valley through which winds the Fitzgerald Valley Creek, and is one of the oldest Crown grants. The original homestead is nearly demolished, but some of the farm buildings remain.’

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