Day 17, Tuesday, 26 October, 1915, Millthorpe to Blayney

Transcription of extract from an article titled ‘Gilgandra to the Coast : the “Snowball” growing as it rolls’ from The Farmer and Settler, 29 October, 1915, p. 3, [part 2 of 3 parts]:
… [Continued]

‘Blayney Demonstration.
An early start was made on Tuesday, cloudy conditions, with cold winds, still prevailing. Blayney was entered at 12.45, the column being met at the town boundary by the Cowra town band, which had kindly come to the assistance of band-less Blayney. The Mayor (Alderman E. R. Clark). Mr. C. S. Fern (member for Cobar), shire councillors and aldermen were also present, and the procession was headed by a squad of thirty horsemen and horsewomen, and followed by a large number of cars and vehicles.

The show ground had been selected by the Recruiting Association for the recruits’ accommodation, and there the boys found a fine dinner prepared by the ladies of the local Red Cross Committee. To prevent any possible risk of the recruits succumbing to the misguided generosity of townspeople and others, all hotels were declared out of bounds, and the publicans warned by the police not to serve the recruits. It is a great pity that some of the persons that make a nuisance of themselves by insisting on “shouting” could not be made to go to the war themselves. They will not fight themselves, and they insist upon trying to make the real fighters unfit for their work.

The Cowra band gave selections during tho afternoon, and the public were present in force, chatting with the “Coo- ees.” After tea, also provided by the ladies, a continental was held in the pavilion, two thousand persons being present. Local artists contributed to a fine programme of vocal and instrumental tunes, interspersed with recruiting addresses by Mr. E. S. Carr (the local Federal member), Mr. E. R. Clark (the Mayor), Mr. C. S. Fern (the member for Cobar) and Q.M.S. Lee. Five local men answered the call, together with five other men from the district. Carcoar district also sent one man, and in addition presented the sum of £20, that had boon collected at the Carcoar show to tho marching fund of the column. Five more men arrived by the late train from Geurie and one from Gilgandra. The evening concluded with supper under the pavilion.

The Blayney Recruiting Association, the energetic secretary of which is Mr. K. F. Creaghe, was in charge of all arrangements. They supplied any and everything required from the stores, and also arranged for about eighty men to have their hair cut by two local barbers, who attended at the camp for that purpose. As cold weather is being experienced, six horse rugs were supplied at Blayney, and a vehicle will also be given, as the present transport facilities are proving inadequate.

The Blayney Freezing Works donated a supply of petrol for the motor, and as a large number of men have the “Coo-ee bark” (Syn. Liverpool cough), Mr. Matthews, the chemist, donated a quantity of cough tablets. A staff-sergeant-major from Lithgow will also shortly join the contingent to give instruction and for disciplinary purposes.’

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