Day 7, Saturday, 16 October, 1915, Geurie to Wellington

Reception at Geurie (Sydney Mail 20 Oct 1915)

Reception at Geurie (Sydney Mail 20/10/1915)

Transcription of extract from an article titled ‘The Route March’ in The Farmer and Settler, 19 October, 1915, p. 3, [part 3 of 3 parts]:

The Snowball Growing
[Continued] …

Maryvale’s Luncheon.
The road to Wellington was fourteen miles long, but the weather was pleasant, and the going easy. Also there was a refreshing break at Maryvale, where a superb al-fresco luncheon of turkey and plum pudding had been provided by the generous-hearted women of the district Maryvale cheered the recruits and the recruits cheered Maryvale, and then  swung out on the road to Wellington.

Arrival at Wellington.
Outside the town, the column, now sixty strong, was met by bands, militia, police, riflemen, and cadets, Alderman M. McLeod and Mr. H. M. Blackmore, secretary of the Wellington Recruiting Association, representing the townspeople officially. Half the town and district took part in this outside welcome; and then in the council chambers there was speech- making and cheering and recruiting and donating— all in the most enthusiastically patriotic spirit. Ald. McLeod, Cr. A. E. Fuller, president of Macquarie Shire Council, Cr. Donald Ross, president of Cobbora Shire Council, and Mr. T. H. Thrower, M.L.A., member for the district, welcomed the recruits: and Mr. Hitchcn acknowledged the compliments of the speakers. Later the recruits were entertained at tea by the local Red Cross Society, and then marched to their sleeping quarters in the Protestant Hall.   Wellington added thirty recruits on Saturday, and much gear. Two horses were auctioned and £33 raised; an hotel collection netted £17; the employees of one store gave £5, and the proprietors more. “Go to the stores and get the   boots you need,” said one of the local re-cruiting committee; “we will foot the bill.” That was the spirit of the Wellington reception.’

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