Day 6, Friday, 15 October, 1915, Wongarbon to Geurie

Leaving Wongarbon (Sydney Mail 20 Oct 1915)

Leaving Wongarbon (Sydney Mail 20/10/1915)

Transcription of extract from an article titled ‘The Route March’ in The Farmer and Settler, 19 October, 1915, p. 3, [part 2 of 3 parts]:

The Snowball Growing
[Continued] …

‘Geurie’s Reception.
On Friday morning the route march passed on to Geurie, arriving at one o’clock, just in time for the trenchman’s feed that the contingent’s own cook had prepared at the Royal Hall from viands locally supplied. In the afternoon escorted by the local band, the school children and hundreds of district residents, the recruits marched to the park where a successful recruiting appeal was made. Three men signed on to follow the drum, and four others signified their intention of following after harvest. Afternoon tea in the park, to which every home for miles around had contributed a hamper, was followed by a social, with more recruiting speeches. As a result of a tarpaulin collection in the afternoon the sum of £18 was handed to Mr. Hitchen before the column left. The Governor-General, who was passing through Geurie, sent word that he would like to meet the contingent. They were therefore paraded at the railway station on Saturday morning, and his excellency and Major Sands inspected them. He declared the Gilgandra scheme the finest recruiting movement in Australia, and promised to be in Sydney to welcome the army when it marched in and stormed the city.

The Governor-General’s words of warm approval greatly heartened the men, and they started on their way to Wellington with an additional spring in their step.’

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