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The Cooee March : a special Anzac presentation in the Daily Telegraph

 The Cooee March : a special Anzac presentation in

the Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph has recently featured a twelve part presentation (published in issues from 31st March to 11th April 2015) prepared by Andrew Carswell and Warren Brown, based on their 12 day trek in the footsteps of the Coo-ee marchers from Gilgandra to Sydney in February this year, during which they unearthed some fascinating stories, and had some interesting experiences with the locals.

Andrew Carswell met with me on the 21st January and I spoke to him about our research on the 1915 Coo-ee march and the 263 individual Coo-ees. I talked about my blog cooeemarch1915.com, and showed him some entries, and told him I would send him some links to 1915 newspaper articles and some of my blog entries that might be of interest to his research, and suggested he might like to get in contact with some families of some of the Coo-ees, including Donald Stewart and Ernie May, which I am very pleased he was able to do.

The links below are to electronic versions of the articles. I am not sure how long the links will remain active.

I was very interested to read the article on Coo-ee Donald Stewart from Wellington, who became a prisoner of war following the Battle of Fromelles in France, and wrote letters home to a young woman he met when the Coo-ees were at Blayney, and who he was later to marry. I have transcribed several of his letters sent home from his family about his prisoner of war experiences on my blog that were published in the Wellington Times.  It is amazing what treasure troves some families have on their Coo-ees.

I might just note that in the last article listed below which has the words “For when the guns fell silent and the boats returned to Sydney Harbour, only 222 Cooees walked down that gangway, leaving 41 fallen behind”, the figure of 41 of the 263 Coo-ees dying on active service during the First World War is based on this being the number that I gave him that we have found in our research on the Coo-ees (and that not all of the remaining 222 went overseas).


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