Per his military service record (Depot), John Bartley was born at Ballarat, Victoria.[1] He gave his age as 33 years and 4 months, his marital status as single, and his occupation as shearer. His description on his Certificate of Medical Examination was 5 feet 7 inches tall, weight 168 lbs., with a dark complexion, brown eyes, and black hair. His religious denomination was Church of England. He claimed that he had no previous military service.

He completed his medical examination at Wellington on 16th October 1915 (when the Coo-ees were at Wellington). He was attested by Captain T. A. Nicholas at Mumbil on 19th October 1915.

His next of kin was recorded on his Australian Imperial Force Attestation Paper of Persons Enlisted for Service Abroad form as Charlotte Crougey, Osborne Street, Williamstown, Melbourne, Victoria.

After the Coo-ee March he went into Liverpool Camp.

On 17th November 1915 Private Bartley went before a medical Board at Liverpool Camp where he was deemed as unfit for military service due to defective vision.

Private Bartley was discharged medically unfit on 29th November 1915.


[1] NAA: B2455, BARTLEY J

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