Charles Thomas KING

Charles Thomas KING

Per his military service record (Depot), Charles Thomas King was born at Tuena, N.S.W.[1]  He gave his age as 35 years and 7 months, his marital status as married, and his occupation as labourer, on his Australian Imperial Force Attestation Paper of Persons Enlisted for Service Abroad form.

He claimed that he had no previous military service.  He also stated that he had been previously rejected as unfit for service for varicocele.

His next of kin was recorded as wife, Mary Isabel King, with address Bent Street, Katoomba.

Charles Thomas King joined the Coo-ee March at Springwood.[2]

He undertook a Preliminary Medical Examination at Springwood on 8th November 1915.   His height was recorded as 5 feet 9 inches on his ‘Preliminary Medical Examination’ section on his initial Application to Enlist in the Australian Imperial Force form.

He was attested at Springwood by Lieutenant F. Middenway on 8th November 1915, the day the Coo-ees marched from Lawson to Springwood.  His Description, and Certificate of Medical Examination sections, were not completed on his Attestation Paper.

After completing the Co-ee March he went to Liverpool Camp as reinforcement for the 13th Battalion.

On 17th November 1915 Private King went before a Medical Board at Liverpool Camp, where he was found to be unfit for active service due to varicocele.

Private King was discharged medically unfit on the 29th of November 1915.


[1] NAA: B2455, KING C T

[2] ‘Rejected Coo-ee starving’, Sunday Times, 2 April 1916, p. 9. Retrieved June 20, 2015, from


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