Harold Edmund CROUCH

Harold Edmund CROUCH

Per his military service record (Depot), Harold Edmund Crouch was born at Parramatta, N.S.W.[1]  He gave his age as 18 years and 11 months, his marital status as single, and his occupation as painter.  His description on his Certificate of medical examination was height 5 feet 5 ½ inches tall, weight 120lbs, with a fair complexion, greyish eyes, and brown hair.  His religious denomination was Church of England.  His next of kin on his Attestation paper was listed his mother, Mary E. Crouch, Hunter Street, Parramatta.

He completed his medical examination at Parramatta on 10th November 1915, and was attested by Lieutenant R. Howe at Parramatta, on 11th November 1915.  He claimed to have one years previous military experience with the Senior Cadets.

He was one of the 41 men who had offered themselves as recruits at the recruiting meeting held for the Coo-ees in the Park at Parramatta on Wednesday evening 10th November 1915.[2]

After completing the Coo-ee March he went to Liverpool Camp as reinforcement for the 13th Battalion.

A letter in his service record from his mother, M. E. Crouch, dated 10th November 1915, had given consent for her son to enlist.[3]

However, a few weeks later, his mother sent a letter to the A.I.F. dated 21st December 1915 withdrawing her consent, in which she stated: ‘’I hearby apply for my son’s discharge from the Military Force on account of his age and health, consent given last November”.[4]

His actual age is not listed in his service record, but his birth was registered in 1899, so it is likely he may only have been 16 years of age when he enlisted.[5]

He was discharged at parents request, on 5th January 1916.


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[4] NAA: B2455, CROUCH H E, letter from M. E. Crouch, 21 December 1915.




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