Daniel LYNCH

Daniel LYNCH

Per his military service record (regimental no. 5403), Daniel Lynch was born at Orange, N.S.W.[1]  He gave his age as 44 years and 3 months (although he appears to have been much older), his marital status as married, and his occupation as telegraph linesman.  His description on his Certificate of Medical Examination was height 6 feet 2 inches tall (so he was one of the tallest of the Coo-ees), weight 12 stone, with a fair complexion, blue eyes, and dark hair.  His religious denomination was Roman Catholic.  He claimed that he had no previous military service.  He completed his medical examination on 16th October 1915 at Wellington (while the Coo-ees were at Wellington), and was attested by Captain Nicholas at Stuart Town on 19th October 1915.

He was named (as “Lynch, D”) in the Wellington Times as one of the men who enlisted with the Coo-ees at Wellington.[2]

After completing the Coo-ee March he went to Liverpool Camp as 15th reinforcement for the 13th Battalion.

Whilst at the Liverpool Camp Private Lynch was charged with using obscene language to an NCO.  He was fined 1 Pound.  He was also absent without leave from the Liverpool Camp from the 18th to 31st January 1916, and from 1st to the 8th February 1916, a total of 22 days.

Private Lynch was involved in hearing at the Central Police Court on 25th January 1916, followed by a court case on 6th March 1916 at the Darlinghurst Quarter Sessions, in which another Coo-ee was charged with, and subsequently found guilty of, having assaulted him at Central Railway Station about midnight on January 16th 1916, and robbed him of two pounds.[3]

Private Lynch was transferred to 17th Reinforcement for the 13th Battalion in early 1916.

On his embarkation roll his address at time of enrolment was Percy Street, Wellington, N.S.W., and his next of kin is listed as his wife, Mrs M. E. [Mary Ellen] Lynch, at the same address.

On 9th April 1916 Private Lynch departed Sydney on the HMAT Nestor A71 (along with several other Coo-ees), bound for Egypt.

Photograph of HMAT A71 Nestor loaded with troops on an earlier voyage, taken 11 October 1915.  Part of the Australian War Memorial Collection. PB0607.

Photograph of HMAT A71 Nestor loaded with troops on an earlier voyage, taken 11 October 1915. Part of the Australian War Memorial Collection. PB0607.

On the 5th of June 1916 he was admitted to the 3rd Australian General Hospital at Abbassia, Egypt with injured ribs.  He was discharged on 20th June 1916.

On 2nd August 1916 Private Lynch was charged with being absent without leave from 1700 parade at Tel-el-Kebir.  He was awarded 3 days field punishment number 2.

On 6th August 1916 Private Lynch departed Egypt bound for England aboard the Transport Megantic.

On 22nd September 1916 Private Lynch departed the 4th Training Battalion in England bound for France.

He marched into the 4th Australian Division Base Depot at Etaples, France, on 24th September 1916.

A few weeks later, on 15th October 1916 Private Lynch was admitted to the 26th General Hospital at Etaples, France, suffering Rheumatism.

On 23rd October 1916 Private Lynch was placed aboard the Hospital Ship Stad Antwerpen at Boulogne, for transfer to England.  He was admitted to the Western Heights Military Hospital at Dover later that day.

On 30th October 1916 Private Lynch was transferred to the 3rd Australian Auxiliary Hospital at Dartford, England, with Myalgia.  A Medical Report of an Invalid form dated 1st November 1916 at this hospital in his service record listed his ‘true age’ as 51 years. (If this was his correct age at that time, it means he would actually have been about 50 years of age when he enlisted with the Coo-ees).

On 12th November 1916 Private Lynch was discharged and marched into the Number 2 Command Depot at Weymouth, England.

On 12th March 1917 Private Lynch was charged with being absent without leave in London from 2nd March 1917 till apprehended by the Military Police on 8th March 1917.  He was awarded 7 days confined to barracks and fined 7 days pay.

On 17th March 1917 Private Lynch departed England from Plymouth aboard the H.T. Beltana bound for Australia, for discharge over age and debility.

He arrived in Sydney on 15th May 1917.  Private Lynch was discharged medically unfit on 11th June 1917.


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[3] ‘Soldier Charged’, The Sydney Morning Herald, 26 January 1916, p. 6. Retrieved March 1, 2017, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article28782852  ;’Coo-ees in a Brawl’, The Sun, 6 March 1916, p. 5 (Final Extra). Retrieved March 1, 2017, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article221356476

2 responses to “Daniel LYNCH

  1. andrew newstead

    Another interesting article Helen …. He was almost my height!! Do you know who the Coo-ee was that assaulted him?.. Also enjoyed using the “link” of the Wellington Times. Well done….cheers

    • Hi Andrew
      The Coo-ee that was charged with assaulting Daniel Lynch was Thomas McGrory, who joined the Coo-ees at Orange. I will be writing his story later on…
      Trove gives us access to so many interesting articles about the Coo-ees.
      Kind regards

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