New WWI Timeline webpage

New WWI Timeline page

The story of the Coo-ees did not finish with their arrival in Sydney on 12th November 1915 at the end of the Coo-ee March.

One hundred years ago today, on 16th February 1916, the first group of fifteen Coo-ees embarked overseas on active service from Sydney, on the HMAT Ballarat A70.

Stephen and I plan to provide an overview of the Coo-ees’ involvement in the First World War on a WWI Timeline on this website.

We have spent the past few weeks collating the information we have collected on the Coo-ees to create a timeline of their involvement in WWI – what ships they embarked on from Australia to travel to Egypt or England, and for most, on to France to the Western Front, and the dates for those who were casualties. We are also gathering information for other significant events in their service, including information about those Coo-ees who received military awards for their actions.

We plan to tie these details in to the progress of the First World War in the Timeline.

Each month from February 2016 until the end of the centenary of WWI I aim to write a blog entry containing details for what happened regarding the Coo-ees for that month one hundred years’ previously, and add the entry’s details to the new WWI Timeline webpage at

Where names of the Coo-ees are listed in entries, their names will have hyperlinks to their individual records that I have written to date, for further information about each Coo-ee. (For those Coo-ees where I have not yet added an individual entry, I will update the Timeline with the hyperlink for each mention of their name after I complete their entry).

I will also from time to time add names for further Coo-ees to entries, and/or update other information on the WWI Timeline webpage.

For some entries, I will add hyperlinks to letters from the Coo-ees, or newspaper articles, which relate to that particular event or person, or add quotes to the Timeline from these letters and articles, or other sources.

Information will start being added to the WWI Timeline webpage in the next few days…


One response to “New WWI Timeline webpage

  1. Helen and Steven, . Just to let you know how much I appreciate your commitment to the Coo-ees. Looking forward to following all their stories.
    Warm Regards

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