Coo-ee March 2015 Re-enactment

Coo-ee March 2015 Re-enactment

The Gilgandra to Sydney Coo-ee March 2015 Re-enactment started on Saturday 17th October 2015, to retrace the steps of the Coo-ees in 1915.

The start of the Coo-ee March 2015 Re-enactment at Gilgandra 17/10/2015

The start of the Coo-ee March 2015 Re-enactment at Gilgandra 17/10/2015

Events leading up to the commencement of the Re-enactment March started with a Provisions night at the Royal Hotel on Thursday 8th October, in memory of the Tobacco night held in 1915,  where the 2015 marchers and support crew took the opportunity to meet one another, and descendants and family members of the original Coo-ees.  A great night was had by all, with a BBQ provided by the Lions Club, and a bush band provided the entertainment.

A Farewell Ball was held on the Friday night, in memory of the Farewell Ball held for the Coo-ees in 1915.  Everyone participated in a barn dance, sang God Save the King, and Auld Lang Syne when the marchers departed.

A special church service was held at St Ambrose Church, before the Re-enactment March commenced from the marker showing where the Coo-ee March started in Bridge Street on 10th October 1915, with a street parade to the Cooee March Memorial Park near the Coo-ee Heritage Centre, where a commemorative service was held, and a tree planted, before the marchers set off on their 26 day route to Sydney, visiting the villages and towns that the Coo-ees visited in 1915, to hold some parades, and commemorative services, in memory of the Coo-ees.  The Coo-ee March 2015 Re-enactment will finish with the parade and Remembrance Day memorial service at the cenotaph in Martin Place in Sydney on 11th November 2015.

I am writing a day by day account of the Coo-ee March 2015 Re-enactment at

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