Photo of the Coo-ees at Orange


The Coo-ees at Wade Park, Orange, October 1915. Photograph courtesy of Macquarie Regional Library

The Coo-ees at Wade Park, Orange, October 1915. Photograph courtesy of Macquarie Regional Library

This is a photograph of the Coo-ees who were in the Gilgandra to Sydney Cooee-Recruitment March, taken while they were in Orange in October 1915.  Inscribed on the back of the photograph is “The Coo-ees at Orange”.

Except for Captain Bill Hitchen from Gilgandra (sitting in the middle of the second row from the bottom), the people in it are not identified.

This original photograph is part of the Local Studies Collection at Macquarie Regional Library.  A high resolution digital copy can be purchased from Macquarie Regional Library for the purpose of private research and study, and the quality of the image allows you to zoom in on each face and see each individual Coo-ee quite clearly.  Further information about the photograph can be found on the Macquarie Regional Library website at

Included in this photograph are the men who enlisted as they marched from Gilgandra to Dubbo, Wongarbon, Geurie, Wellington, Stuart Town, Euchareena, Molong, to Orange, where the photograph was taken. (Some may be missing, including the 5 in Orange Hospital sick at the time).

There are approximately 104 men, and 23 women seated on a grandstand, which was situated at Wade Park in Orange. Most of the women are seated at the back.

Names of the dignitaries and local Orange people included in the photograph were reported in a 1915 newspaper article, and these people too need to be identified in this photograph. Per The Leader (17 November 1915, p. 8): ‘Seated in the group are the Mayor and Mayoress (Ald. and Mrs E. T. Neilly) Mr H. J. Leary, secretary of the Orange Recruiting Association. Mr. A. J. McCoy, headmaster of the Orange Public School, Mr. V. H. Millard, and the ladies who gave their services towards looking after “Hitchen’s Own” what time they were in Orange.’

A project I am working on is to identify as many Coo-ees as possible in this photograph. Please send an email to if anyone can identify any of the people in this photograph.

3 responses to “Photo of the Coo-ees at Orange

  1. daphnejohnson1955

    That is lovely. .

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  2. Dear Helen,

    Thank you for that great posting & photo! My husband Martin Doherty & I have written a song to commemorate the anniversary of the first Coo ee march in October. We are also putting together a You Tube video of still photos so Iam quite excited about the Orange photo. I am a riding coach at Bathurst RDA & we are putting together a musical drill ride, with the children featuring the Coo ees’ for a competition in October. Thank you so much for you’re inspirational posts.

    Warm wishes

    Lyn Doherty

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