A year on…


It has now been a year since I started writing this blog to be a record of the 1915 Coo-ee March, and a memorial to the 263 recruited men who answered the call of “Coo-ee! Come and join us!”, and fell into line in towns and villages along the way of the recruitment march from Gilgandra to Sydney.

I would like to thank those people who have assisted me in this process, who include family members who have sent me photographs and information to include on their Coo-ee’s individual record, and Shirley Marks and Margo Piggott from Gilgandra Historical Society, Brian Bywater from Hitchen House Military Museum, and also Gilgandra Shire Library, and Macquarie Regional Library, who have provided me copies of photographs, newspaper articles and documents, and other information to assist me with my research.

I would also like to thank my husband Stephen, who assists me in my research by summarising service records (and helps me to decipher the abbreviations in them), and delving into AIF unit war diaries, and other resources, and whose GPS plotting skills, route planning, and ability to drive on the right (wrong) side of the road allowed us to visit the graves and memorials of the fallen Coo-ees in France, Belgium, and England last year.

I would also like to thank those who follow my blog by email, and for your comments. It is nice to know that others too are interested in the history of the Coo-ees.

Our research continues on the Coo-ees, and some blog entries I have already written will be updated with photographs and additional information. If you are following this blog by email, please note that these updated blog entries will not be re-posted, so please check this website from time to time to see what changes have been made to the records.

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