Another Letter from Donald Stewart in a German prisoner of war camp

Transcription of an article titled ‘Australians in action. Letters from the Front. Private Don. Stewart’ published in The Wellington Times, 1 March, 1917, p. 3.


Private Don Stewart, who is a prisoner of war in Germany, writes as follows to his father under date 14th November, 1916:—
Just a few lines hoping you are well at home, as this leaves me at present. I have been a kreigsgefangenen (a prisoner of war) for four months now, and I am just about getting used to it. We get parcels from the Red Cross and also from the Battalion. What date did you hear I was missing? I wrote to mother and Amy from Lille just after I was captured and the officials said you would get it before the Battalion reported me missing. It was only a note saying I was alive and well, which was a wonder. I forgot whether I wrote to you or mother last time so I am writing to you. We have a very merry time here sometimes. We have a piano and organ and you bet I use them a lot. We have all sorts of music from a tin flute to a piano. When there is nought doing I read until two o’clock in the morning and get up at ten. It is getting very cold now. We will have snow next month. Fancy having snow at Christmas. I suppose if I had any sense and took my old Dad’s advice I would have spent it at Wellington, but I would have flogged the cat over it. It is done now. When I see you again I might speak German so you had better learn to speak it. I suppose you have still got Prince. When I am coming home I will get out at Apsley and walk home. I mean to surprise you all. You can tell me how Les is when you write. I hope he is well. You can send me parcels when you like. You know I would like them. Wishing you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year, which I wish I was spending at home.

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