Bombardier E. C. N. May – letter home

Extract from a letter titled ‘Bombar[d]ier E. C. N. May’, published in the Wellington Times, 14 September, 1916, p. 3.


Bombardier E. C. N. May writes to his parents and sisters at Wongarbon from France (9/7/16) as follows:— Received your welcome letter, dated 19/4/16, also one from Mr. W. Moore, and two from Ida. I am always pleased to hear from my friends, but I am sure the majority of my letters go astray or are probably lying in some base.

Well, parents, I have been in France now nearly a month, and I am now well within the war zone area. The 4th D.A.C. are doing their bit. I have experienced shell fire while taking ammunition to the battery, and so far came off lucky. …

I’ve just been away drawing rations. I saw H. Saunders, he is O.K.; he is in No. 1 section. A. Eschelon. Aeroplanes are a common sight here, and are seen at all times during the day, and at night the bursting shrapnel in the sky denotes that aircraft are busy. I have sent you many French post cards and curios, and have others already on the way home. Kindly remember me to all enquiring friends. I am quite well and pray you are all the same at home, and that you still keep hopeful of my return. I may add we are now moving off again, and I’ve no time for writing more, so now, dear parents and sisters, farewell.”

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