Coo-ee recruits: previous military service – “Old soldiers”

The military service records of the Coo-ee recruits show that some had previous military service before joining the Coo-ee March.

The following article, transcribed from The Farmer and Settler (15 October 1915, p. 3) lists the previous military service of the original 25 Gilgandra recruits:

Eight of the original twenty-five recruits enrolled at Gilgandra had seen previous service:–
Humphrey, Frank—Royston’s Horse, South Africa.
McGregor, A. J.—Commonwealth forces.
McKeown, Jas.—N.S.W. Mounted Rifles, South Africa.
McNamara, John—R.A.A. Brabant’s Horse, Light Horse.
Pearce, A. W.—R.A. Artillery.
Quinn, John—R.A. Engineers and R.A. Artillery.
Stephens, S. E.—R.A.N.R., New Guinea Expedition.
White, F.N.—Royal East Kent Mounted Rifles.’

Gilgandra recruits with previous military service (Farmer & Settler 15/10/1915)

Old soldiers (Farmer & Settler, 15/10/1915)

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